Qasas Un Nabiyeen Part 1 – Resources

Yusuf (as) story

Vocabulary story by story

Below you can find the vocabulary for each of the stories of Yusuf (as). I would recommend you to set homework for the students to read over the story you will be studying in the next lesson, write down any new Arabic keywords and the students should research the meaning using a dictonary. The following lesson the teacher should check every students attempt at finding the keywords and then share these correct keywords with them to check against their own. Students will not learnt the Arabic skills they need if we just give them the keywords. As teachers we should empower our students with skills which will come useful to them in the future.

Flash cards

To help my students memorize and internalise the vocabulary I used Quizlet to create flash cards. This allows students to view the keywords as flashcards, play games and quizzes with the vocabulary. You can also purchase the teacher account which allows you to track your student progress and see their scorces. You can also play a live game with your class for the fun of competitions. I have had to teach Yusuf (as) story online to my student due to Covid restrictions. As soon as we started the lesson online I would ask them to complete the previous lessons vocabulary test on Quizlet. This would inform me instantly of their results. Students also found it very benefical in strenghthening thier Arabic vocabulary as they would use it for homework using the flashcards and games to learn the words.

I have created seperate quizzes for each story, using the keywords above you can share the same links with your students to practise. They can all be found in the folder linked here.

Yusuf (as) Quizlet folder

Flashcards screenshot – students use this to memorize keywords

Revision activities

I created these sheets for my students so they could revise the content we have covered. Each sheet has vocabulary nouns and verbs for students to recall, two paragraphs of translation from random stories as well as a few questions regarding the context of the story and some basic practice at grammatical analysis. I would recommend you to print them in A3 to allow more space for writing. If teaching online you could ask students to complete online and send back to you.

Kahoot! Review - hi-impact consultancy - Wirral - North West

I also played Kahoot quiz with the students, which was a fun way for them to compete against each other and for me to assess them also. You can use the Kahoot quiz i created with your students, just click the link below

Yusuf (as) Kahoot – Story 1 – 14


Coming soon! Once i have finished teaching Yusuf (as)

If you use any of my resources please let me know how your lesson went in the comment box below. If you spot any mistakes please email me. Jazakallah for your support.