Arabic revision activity

End of term one revision activity

Alhamdulillah an entire term has passed since i started teaching Arabic every Sunday morning for two hours.

It is the end of term and i wanted to plan a fun activity for them to revise all the rules we had covered so far.

There was 2 parts to lesson.

  1. Retrieval activity – Students were given keywords that we had covered this term. (or words that prompt them to remember rules we had learnt). Students had to brainstorm on A3 paper what they could recall about each keyword. They had 10mins to do the task first without using their books – forcing them to retrieve information from their brains and then as a treat allow them a few minutes to use their books to fill in any missing gaps. (But don’t tell them that they will be able to use their books later on). See pictures below.

2. Translation competition – In groups of 3 students were given different short stories to translate from English to Arabic. The stories incorporated all the rules they had learnt over the term. There was 14 points available per story. However students could not move on to the next story until they had got the first story 100% correct. Every time they got they asked the teacher for help or submitted it incorrectly they lost 0.5 marks. They were allowed to use the vocabulary list and the A3 paper which they had brainstormed the rules on (mentioned above). In order to differentiate the tasks i made mixed ability groups and for every story i asked a different person to write.

The students had lots of fun and the winning group won by 0.5 marks. There was prizes for the winning group and chocolates for all!

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