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Marriage talk part 1 – Searching for Mr. Perfect

I delivered a talk today in my local masjid about the process of finding a spouse. The target audience included girls looking for potential spouses and mothers looking for potential spouses for their children.

The talk covers:

  1. What qualities to look for in a spouse
  2. How to search for a spouse
  3. Difficulties along the way and how to overcome them

I would recommend this to be a 2hr 30min workshop with a half an hour Q&A session in order to do full justice to this topic.

Please see the presentation slides below. I used a website called mentimeter to make the workshop interactive and to pool together the audience’s answers. You can see their answers below. If you do not have access to the internet you could do a mind map or collect responses on sticky notes instead.

The speaker notes will soon follow inshallah

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