Islamic studies, Makkan Period, Seerah

Seerah – Makkan Period

You will find resources below to teach my Seerah Module 1 – Makkan period course. I taught this course over one half term (seven weeks). Each lesson was once a week and two hours long. This class was aimed at teenage girls who had come to attend a post – maktab islamic studies class.

Students were enagaged in activtities, discussions and Arts and crafts projects throughout module. They were rewarded with Class dojo points for effort, hard work and contribution.

As well as teaching the Seerah, the students were taught research, team work and interpersonal skills. I have highlighted these in the aims of the lessons.

The module also included project based learning, where weekly students would work on their Makkan period lapbooks for homework and where possible, time was given for this in class also.

The module was assessed with a 45 minute end of module written assessment and a submission of the students Makkah period lapbooks.

Lesson 1 – Pre-Islamic period

Lesson 2 – Early years of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Lesson 3 – The family of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Lesson 4 – The Revelation

Lesson 5 – Open preaching and torture

Lesson 6 – Journey to the heavens

Lesson 7 – Revision and assessment

Other useful resources to assist you to teach the Seerah

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