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Friendship Workshop / Halaqah

This is a 1-hour workshop, however, you could extend it by spending more time on much-needed discussions and detailed analysis of the scenarios.

This workshop covers:

  • Importance of good friends
  • Demonstration
  • What are the qualities of a good friend
  • How to be a good friend
  • Scenarios

For the demonstration, you will need the resources mentioned in the PowerPoint below. One student will need to be given a cup with food colouring /dye in the water and the rest of the students will have cups with clear water in them. As the students mingle with each other they need to put a few drops of the water from their cup into their partner’s cup using a pipette. Students keep speaking to different students and mixing their water. Allow students to do this for 3-5 mins. When finished ask students to put all their cups in one line in order of colour.

The person who started with the cup of coloured water = bad friend. The bad friend went and spent time with other people and left her effects on other friends. The coloured water should now be in a few cups – this represents the effects of the bad company just like in the hadeeth; you will smell like the blacksmith if you spend time with the blacksmith. Good friend = the clear water and leaves their effect on people; just like in the hadith if you spend time with the perfume seller you will smell like perfume.

The five qualities of a friend – we said that the more of these 5 qualities a friend has the better the friend they are. Students finish the session by doing an internal reflection to see if they are good friends and how they ca become better friends.

Our coloured water after the demonstration

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